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  • double quote turns to %60 in emails

    I wonder if anyone had experience of this? We are using Bb 9.1.90132.0. One user wanted to send an email from a module. He found only the double quotes were changed to %60 in the email, other special characters were fine. He uses Mac 10.6.8 and Firefox 16.0.2. Only English language pack is installed...
    Posted to Educators and Designers by Jin Tan on 15 Nov 2012
  • Name/Email Address Change

    I contacted my school's IT Dept. to ask them to change my name and email address now that I'm married, but they refuse to do so until the end of the semester. Why? Because they have to keep the email address of my Blackboard account consistent with the email at my school (understandable) and...
    Posted to Students by Mary Stull on 13 Nov 2012
  • Re: Send Email to All Users: Seeing list of users or 'all users'

    Do you know if email sent from within the grade book is also sent as BCC? When I click to send email to several students, the email. indicates TO: with a field for additional recipients as BCC. I assume all users are sent BCC but I can't afford to make a mistake. Has anyone tested this?
    Posted to Educators and Designers by Betty Dye on 26 Oct 2012
  • Blank Emails sent from Grade Center

    I have an instructor who is sending Blank Emails from the Grade Center. He is selecting users by checking the boxes next to their names, then selecting the "Email" icon, and types text into the message area. When he sends the email out, it doesn't display any of the text he had typed. He...
    Posted to Educators and Designers by Dana Oliver on 3 Oct 2012
  • Send Email to All Users: Seeing list of users or 'all users'

    Instructor is teaching two classes on Blackboard. In one class, when he goes to send an email to 'all users', he sees 'all users' in the To field. In the other class, when he goes to send an email to all users, he sees the actual names of all enrolled users in the To field. What causes...
    Posted to Educators and Designers by Katherine Linzy on 11 Sep 2012
  • Change E-mail Address that is linked to Blackboard 9.1 Mail

    Hi all, Our institution just upgraded to Blackboard 9.1. Previously, the old system (not sure what version it was) would forward mails sent to me via Blackboard to a personal e-mail that I set up. With Blackboard 9.1 Mail, my school e-mail is used by default to send/receive e-mails--how can I change...
    Posted to Students by Roxanne Abella on 11 Aug 2012
  • Default file permissions

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is a way to allow participants of a community to have read permissions by default. Right now when I look at a file in the content collection the only roles set-up by default are Organization Leader, Organization Builder and Assistant. Here's why I'm asking...
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