• Re: Can't log onto Blackboard

    Angela, If you can log in from other computers, then it definitely sounds like something wrong with that browser or its settings. Be sure to have a look at the settings page at
  • Re: Digital Box

    Cyndi, If you are referring to the dropbox, if your instructor has enabled the feature, log back in to your course, click the Assignments link and click the submitted tab. Once you click on the appropriate assignment, click the option to the right of the listing to take the assignment back. You can then remove the files and upload the appropriate ones
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 15 Nov 2009

    Sandy, Be sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers and that also your PC and its settings are up to date (see
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 2 Nov 2009
  • Re: Can not change my status and enter to any chat room

    Hi Sireesha, If you cannot enter the chat room, it sounds like you may have a Java issue. Be sure to check your computer's version of Java against those listed at Also, you may have more success with a different browser.
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 2 Nov 2009
  • Re: i cant access blackboard

    Charles, Be sure to check your version of IE and its appropriate settings against those listed at
  • Re: i cannot get my browerser checker to respond, i use mozilla /firefox latest

    Sheila, Since you said you had the latest version of the software, you may indeed see the browser pop-up box. You should be able to close that window and continue with your coursework. Just let it be noted that you will most likely see that pop-up each and every time you login. Just to be safe though, have a look at
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 18 Oct 2009
  • Re: download problem

    John, From a Google Search, I found: When you use a program such as WordPad to open a Word document, the converter tries to translate the document into something you can read. In your case, the document couldn't be translated. That's the reason you received the error message. What is the file's extension? Do you have another word processing
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 7 Oct 2009
  • Re: discussion

    Hi Kathryn. I too have noticed it. Sometimes if I go back to the Discussions tool, click on View my Posts, it goes away. Other times, it takes a day or so.
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 7 Oct 2009
  • Re: URGENT

    Hi Whitney, If the link is not active then the quiz is not currently available. You will need to contact your instructor to see when it will be made available.
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 23 Sep 2009
  • Re: testing

    Hi Carol. This all depends on the instructor and the exam's settings. Some instructors release the results immediately while others do not. To find out for sure regarding your particular course, contact your instructor.
    Posted to Students (Forum) by morgan16 on 22 Sep 2009
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