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  • SCORM grades

    This is what we have in Grade Center and this is the relevant javascript to set and calculate the scores! Has anyone encountered this issue yet? By the way, this doesn't just happen to SCORM-based assignment. regular assignment has that problem too! We are using BB 9...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Yeukhon Wong on 16 Nov 2012
  • Grade Center Calculations

    I have a faculty member who is using the blog function. The total is 600 points. The grading scheme is as follows: Exam 1 (50 points) = 25% Exam 2 (50 points) = 25% Final Exam (50 points) = 30% Blog (600 points) = 50% The end grade should be out of 100. How do I make this work?? HELP PLEASE email to...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Michelle Farley on 17 Oct 2012
  • Blank Emails sent from Grade Center

    I have an instructor who is sending Blank Emails from the Grade Center. He is selecting users by checking the boxes next to their names, then selecting the "Email" icon, and types text into the message area. When he sends the email out, it doesn't display any of the text he had typed. He...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Dana Oliver on 3 Oct 2012
  • Viewing Returned Attached Files Through Grade book

    Hi, I'm teaching two online courses this semester and recently graded the students' work through Grade book. I grade them on an attached rubric, which works great. I also provide brief comments, which also work fine. *However, when I try to attach a copy of their submitted Word file (a composition...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Gavin Spence on 3 Jun 2012
  • Assignment Download per User

    In the grade center there is an option to download all submissions using the Assignment File Download option for an assignment column. This works fine if I want all submission for an assignment. Now, I have multiple assignments but would rather download submission per user, not assignment. How can I...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Roberto Rivera on 6 Feb 2012
  • The "Points Possible" column in students' My Grades view is blank for most assignments. Why?

    We're currently running Bb 9.1.60230.0 This is a recent change that I'm seeing in only one class, not system wide. In the past, the points possible were showing for every assignment in the students' My Grades view. Now, there are a few values showing here and there in a seemingly random pattern...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Sharon Elin on 16 Nov 2011
  • Disappearing grades in 9.1

    I'm having students report to me that (1) grades are not showing for work they've submitted and which I've graded and posted or (2) Grades that earlier showed up are disappearing. I've used Blackboard and WebCt at least ten years and this has never happened before (first semester with...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Ron Velten on 3 Aug 2011
  • Creating a Custom Grade Column

    Faculty would like to create a custom grade column that automatically calculates student grades depending on several criteria. He allows students to drop the lowest of their daily quizzes, and He allows students to drop the lowest of their tests. So what he wants is to have a Final grade that is based...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Michael Fulks on 22 Jun 2011
  • Getting SCORM variable data to show in gradebook

    Hi, I'm a multimedia programmer from the University of North Texas. I have a Flash interaction that is getting and putting scorm variables. Upon finishing the interaction the teacher should be able to view their students gradebook and see data like: time to complete, grade, answer choices, correct...
    Posted to Educators and Designers (Forum) by Robert Dorsey on 6 May 2011
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