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  • Removing my work from the Global Reference Database

    Hello Dr. C. I wanted to know how I would go about removing any work I have contributed to the Global Reference Database. I cannot contact my local institution because I know they are not solely in charge of the maintenance of the database, and I'm not sure who exactly is. Could you point me in the...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by John M. Gauweiler Jr. on 17 Nov 2012
  • Course Content - Accidentally "dismissed," how do I unhide?

    Under the "What's New" module, I accidentally dismissed the "Course Content" tab, & I CANNOT get it back! I have tried everything, searched through all the FAQ's, googled it, & still can't find the answer. If someone can figure it out, PLEASE let me know! Or at...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Jasmine Batchelder on 15 Nov 2012
  • Courses are no longer listed

    I am unable to access my course site after logging into Blackboard. It used to appear in the Courses section but, yesterday, the Courses section said that I was "not enlisted in any courses." Help!
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Erica Condon on 5 Jun 2012
  • Recovering past class's emails/other information

    Hi there! I am in a situation where I need to some how retrieve past e-mails and other information from a class I recently took. My class is not on my Blackboard homepage anymore and I need these documents to Appeal a grade I received from a specific teacher. I tried to contact Blackboard Support but...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Kalista Weiss on 7 May 2012
  • Blackboard and Firefox

    For a (very) brief period, I was able to use Firefox when working on my online classes. Unfortunately, it stopped once Firefox v. 11 came out. Now every time I try using Firefox, I get a check browser error message saying I'm using Firefox 1.X and it's unsupported. When I use Firefox, I am unable...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Jessica S on 26 Apr 2012
  • I wish blackboard would support more browsers

    I wish blackboard would support more browsers because in both my browsers (Google chrome and safari) when ever i go to post something to a discussion board the tools to change the font color,font size,add a picture etc. don't show up causing me to write the post in html. Another annoying thing is...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Tilden Winston on 11 Apr 2012
  • Digital Dropbox Recovery

    I had placed a file in a course from my 2010-2011 school year into BlackBoard's digital dropbox. I also copied this file to my harddrive. Recently my harddrive was erased, and I require the file for the current school year. Seeing as the courses are erased each year, is there any way I can access...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Christian Hall on 2 Sep 2011
  • Missing Plug-Ins for New Bb 9.1

    Hello, I just started a new semester at school and come to find out they updated the Bb system. I'm able to log-in to BB, but when I go to view lectures all i get is "Missing Plug-In." I click on the link and it tells me that I'm missing Adobe Reader. I went to the Adobe Reader site...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Dustin Peaytt on 22 Aug 2011
  • FGC Blackboard - Edit Personal Information

    Hi, My FGC Blackboard is acting up. Whenever I go to edit my Personal Information such as my address, phone number, and such, I type it all in and click Submit, but it always comes up with an error screen. Even when I don't type anything in and click Submit it comes up and says: A database error...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Stephanie Kurimay on 22 Aug 2011
  • Error "server timed out", when clicking Bb link on university website.

    Hi Dr. C I'm in week 5 of my semester and all has been going great until Friday, July 22. Since then, clicking the Bb link on my university site, after logging in, results in an error message saying the server for Bb did not respond. Normally I use Firefox, but also tried on Safari. (I use a mac...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by HENDRIK KOCH on 27 Jul 2011
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