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  • Blackboard 9 and Windows 8

    I don't know the specifics of which Blackboard 9 version my school is using, but if I have all the "recommended" browsers and such installed, will using my Windows 8 computer prevent me from being able to properly use Blackboard?
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Lisa Ferguson on 4 Jan 2013
  • Lost exam submission

    I had an exam due this week on Monday that I am 100% certain I completed on time and submitted with at least 2 hours to spare before the due date/time. However, the instructor stated she did not receive it, and now that I look in the "view attempts" section of my grades, it states that my last...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Mark Hallisy on 20 Sep 2012
  • Change E-mail Address that is linked to Blackboard 9.1 Mail

    Hi all, Our institution just upgraded to Blackboard 9.1. Previously, the old system (not sure what version it was) would forward mails sent to me via Blackboard to a personal e-mail that I set up. With Blackboard 9.1 Mail, my school e-mail is used by default to send/receive e-mails--how can I change...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Roxanne Abella on 11 Aug 2012
  • Homework problem

    I have a homework problem that has been locked because the deadline passed. My professor, however, extended the deadline for me to one extra week, and she said to use a password (that she email me) to reactivate the homework again. I'm not exactly sure what this means. After logging in, where do...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Nico Bellic on 10 Apr 2012
  • Re: Blog - cannot open

    We have similar experience. We were trying to figure why students are not able to view the blog. Saying that the content is not available. We have checked the settings and the settings have indicated the blog is available for students to post their entries. We plan to submit a ticket with Blackboard...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Shannon Augustine on 9 Feb 2012
  • Sending Emails from Blackboard 9.1

    With the old Blackboard system I was able to send emails to course colleagues and tutors, however I can't locate the service on the new system. Is it still available?
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Laoch Rione on 9 Sep 2011
  • Missing Plug-Ins for New Bb 9.1

    Hello, I just started a new semester at school and come to find out they updated the Bb system. I'm able to log-in to BB, but when I go to view lectures all i get is "Missing Plug-In." I click on the link and it tells me that I'm missing Adobe Reader. I went to the Adobe Reader site...
    Posted to Students (Forum) by Dustin Peaytt on 22 Aug 2011
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