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Lisa Stickdorn posted on 25 Apr 2012 12:45 PM

Hi, My institution is Managed Hosting, so I am able to process snapshot feed files via the snapshot client installed on my desktop. I have been able to successfully process flat feed files of courses, enrollments, staff assignments, etc.  I do not seem to be able to apply a course template.  I have created a course template, set it to be used as a template, and added the TEMPLATE_COURSE_KEY field to my flat feed file.  I receive the following invalid file error:


course85|course85|course85|template(!)blackboard.platform.soap.service.SoapRequestException: Soap bundle processing failed.

blackboard.persist.PersistenceException: blackboard.persist.PersistenceException: Process failure.

I only rerceive this error when I am trying to process the template course key.

My command:

C:\blackboard\apps\snapshot\bin>snapshot_override.cmd -Ddata.source.key=SYSTEM -
C c:\blackboard\apps\snapshot\data\ -f CRS_COPYINTO -t c:\bla
ckboard\apps\snapshot\data\xxx.csv -a true -V -P xxxxx

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?



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First of all, while I'm not sure it's the source of your template course problem, you really should not be using SYSTEM as the data source key for your snapshot processes.  SYSTEM is the data source key for courses created via the GUI, and any defaults set up when the system is installed.  You really want to use a different data source key for each set of courses (and users, and enrollments) that you're trying to manage as a group.

Also, does the "course85" course that you're trying to copy into already exist?  If not, you need to use the CRS_SNPSHT mode when running the snapshot utility, not the CRS_COPYINTO--that's only for copying a template into an existing course.


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Hi lisa

simply add "TEMPLATE_COURSE_KEY" header to your "courses feed file" and then execute snapshot command "CRS_SNPSHT", no need to confuse yourself with COPYINTO which may cause a duplicate courses contents in specific cases



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That was just an example, I am not using the SYSTEM dsk,,,,I am using a created dsk bb9courses.  And yes, I specifically want to use the CRS_COPYINTO command to copy course content into already-created course shells. My automated snapshot process creates the course shells, and then I would like to place content into the course shells using the CRS_COPYINTO command, but I keep getting the persisitance error message I mentioned in my originaly post. Any suggestions?




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Since you are Managed Hosted, you'll want to talk to Blackboard Support about why the process is giving you persistence errors--it's not so much a problem with the snapshot process, but with the course copy action that goes along with moving data from the template course.


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