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Larry Sears posted on 29 Feb 2012 12:22 PM

Hello:  I wish to determine which of my specific Course Document items are popular, and to get an idea as to how many (or what percentage) of my students have looked at them.

I have not figured out how to do this using Course Reports.

Thank you.

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To turn on tracking for an individual content item, you need to select "Statistics Tracking On/Off" from the pulldown menu for the item, and change the setting to "On".  To see the results of the tracking (which does not start until you turn tracking on), you select "View Statistics Report" from the pulldown itme menu and then select Content Usage Statistics > Run. 

So, you need to run an individual usage report for each item.  Even then, the tracking is not as useful as you might hope.  A "hit" is generated when an item is displayed on the screen, so if there's a content area or folder with 20 content items in it, they all get "hits" when the student goes to that content area.  It tells you when a student has *seen* that particular item not when they've actually read it, or downloaded an attached file, or anything like that.

Instead of using tracking/course reports, you might consider turning on "Review Status" on the pulldown menu.  This asks the student to click on a "Mark Reviewed" checkbox when they have looked at an item, so they have to specify which things they are actually reading/using.   You can then see how many students have reviewed an item by looking at "User Progress" from the item pulldown menu.  You can also see how many items a particular student has viewed by looking in the Performance Dashboard.


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Dear Mike:  Thank you for your prompt reply. 

As valuable as BlackBoard is, it is too bad that a simple "# of views" counter for each item is not available.  I don't think I would have confidence in a system that would require students to check  "Mark Reviewed".  For one thing, students might look at an item a number of times (which would be important to know), yet they would likely not check the box every time.

It would be great if the "# of views" counter could always be available on the same page as the item.  Frankly, running a "statistics report" is cumbersome and slow, and since I have almost 100 items in Course Documents, getting any idea of the value of the items is impossible.

The "# of views" counter would simply display the total number of times a registered student opened the item.

One for the Wish List........

Thank you, again, for your kind consideration.


Larry Sears

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