Blackboard 9.1 Import Test Questions from Excel

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Marquita Poinsetta posted on 6 Jun 2010 7:12 AM

When using Blackboard 8, I finally found the way to create tests in Excel and import them into Blackboard. I have tried importing them into Blackboard 9.1 without success. Please advise. I find doing my tests in Excel very simple and would like to continue the practice!

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What format are using for your questions in Excel, what method are you trying to use to import them, and what happens when you try?  Are the particular question types that are giving you problems?

Looking at the 9.1 question upload format described in the Batch File Guidelines (found in the "More Help" link under "Test Canvas -> Upload Questions"), the format looks pretty much the same as the format for Blackboard Learning System 8.  The only thing I see that sticks out at me is that the 9.1 instructions specify that each field should be exclosed in quote marks, and the 8 instructions do not mention that.



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Mike, thanks for the quick response... I figured out the issue (late last night after backing away from the problem for awhile).. I had forgot that I need to save the Excel file in a delimited format from Excel.. Once I did that I was able to upload into Bb9 without any problems or issues!!! 

I should have looked at our university's ehelp web page ( where our support staff has placed step-by-step instructions! Sorry.

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Hi Marquita,

In case I ever run into that problem, what delimited format did you use?  I know there are multiple ways to do it, such as using a comma, a tab, or various symbols...



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