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sagraMW Posted: 22 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
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One of our lecturers has created a lot of Multiple choice tests in word and asked if we could upload them to blackboard. I have been looking into the upload section from the manual, it advises that text files should be in this format:

'MC'TABWhat is the capital of Scotland?(TABEdinburghTAB'correct'TABGlasgowTAB'incorrect'TABInvernessTAB'incorrect')

I have tried this several times and it keeps throwing back the same error,

'Question upload complete A parse error occurred on line 1. Processing of other questions continued uninterrupted.'

No questions are uploaded at all. I have tried different variations, ones without the brackets etc. Can anyone advise a file format that works?

Many thanks,

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Hi Sarah,

The best file format for importing questions is the Respondus Standard Format for Import, available in Respondus (

1. What is the capital of Scotland?
*A. Edinburgh
B. Glasgow
C. Inverness

Which as you can see is very similar to traditional paper test formatting. The file can be in plain text, RTF or Word .doc as long as it follows the Respondus Standard Format.

Many of us would recommend investing in a copy of Respondus. While the Respondus Import does not support all Bb question types, it does support the 6 basic types (MC, TF, MA, E, FIB,MT). A bigger advantage is the ability to retrieve tests not only from a Blackboard course, but any supported course management system including all versions of WebCT. Also, once in Respondus you can publish to a Bb course without going through the tab-delimited text file hoops.

Hope this helps...


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Hi Bob, I have a similar questions.  I have an Examview Test bank in Word, but it has images and clip art to show as illustrations that accompany the questions.  How can that be uploaded to Blackboard?

L. Wright, City Colleges

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