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Laura Taylor posted on 9 Jul 2012 3:28 PM

Hi All, 

I very ambitiously have set myself a goal to build a mini mooc for staff across my institution to support a staff study day, on Bb Learn 9.1. Since the aim of a mooc is  to encourage discourse and engagement while staff  develop their digital skills I have set activities to encourage the use of the discussion board, blogs and wikis on Bb 9.1.

My concern is not the use of these interactive tools, but would you believe it is with the design and presentation of the mooc content, which I have tried to build using the HTML builder on 9.1. Can anyone help and tell me how to embed a you tube video to sit within the text comfortably and open when clicked as well as ensure that the font size remains consistent. I have tried everything that I know to enhance the presentation and structure of my content but for reasons unknown to me the content, despite using the paste from word tool and another HTML builder, fails to appear as built especially font size, which changes !!! 

All advice welcome.

Please note that my institution have invested in an upgrade for Bb Learn 9.1 and will be introducing service pack 8 at the end of July, which I know does have a new more reliable HTML builder. However, for this project I will be using our current system and would value guidance to ensure my content  is presented at a professional standard.

I look forward to hearing from you Kindest regards Laura

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There is indeed a new HTML editor in the works, though it is really only in the pre-release stages and is not included by default in SP8 or SP9.

That is probably beside the point, though.   I suspect the problem is that the HTML that you're creating is running into conflicts with the CSS formatting that is already in effect to control the formatting in Blackboard 9.1.

There are two possible approaches that I can think of to address the problem.  The first would be to examine all your code very closely, including using HTML/CSS viewing tools like Firefly (for Firefox) or the Developer Tools in IE, to see exactly where each particular bit of problematic font formatting is coming from.  The other approach would be to not try and set font information at all in your document, but rateher to just allow it to use the CSS that is already in effect for Blackboard.  This would be more likely to ensure that the fonts and font sizes remain consistent, and that what you're doing is consistent with the rest of what they will see elsewhere in Blackboard.


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Thanks for this quick reply Mike it is very much appreciated and I will try it our this evening regards Laura

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