Embedding Video - Ugly Black Box

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Andy Mee posted on 3 May 2012 5:25 AM


I'm embedding MP4 video in a Content Area (Build Content -> Video).

The video works but it embeds as a video player with a black box. This looks awful when you have several videos on the same page. I'd  like to have the embedded player and the first frame of the video showing or something like that rather than the black box.

Can this be done?

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What web browser are you using?  I haven't tried MP4's, but in the past I've noticed that IE and Firefox seemed to display Blackboard videos differently from each other, depending on the video plugins they use, I'd guess.  IE showed the first frame, and would not try to load anything more until the user clicked to play the video, while Firefox tried to download the whole video file before it would show anything.  Are you seeing the same black box with all browsers?



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