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Pat Lochary posted on 30 Apr 2012 4:08 PM

All courses a student has ever taken are showing for students on the My 9.1 Bb tabs.  How can I limit the courses showing to just this semester's courses for students?



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there is a module called "My courses plus" which organize courses by semester and also BB can provide you with similar one with custom charge, otherwise make them unavailable


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How are you distinguishing between courses from different semesters--is the a term code specified in the course ID, or something like that?  Also, what module are you using to show users their courses?

Before 9.1 SP8, the standard "My Courses" module does not have any ability to distinguish between terms, and there was no built-in "term" recognition in the system.  The "My Courses" module shows all courses that were available to a student.  If you allow users to customize the module (under the module settings) then they can choose to hide particular courses, such as old courses that they no longer used.  Also, courses that were unavailable would not be shown to students.  So, a lot of schools either made courses unavailable or disabled student enrollments after the term was over.

Beginning in SP8, Blackboard supports term associations for courses, and the "My Courses" module allows you to group courses by term.

There are also custom course listing modules available as building blocks, like the "My Courses Plus" that Berlin mentioned.  That's also what we use at my school.  It allows you to group courses by term, based on a term code in the course ID, and also to keep students from seeing courses from previous semesters.  There are several others that allow you to do similar things.  However, you have to license Blackboard Community to use building blocks that create new modules.


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Where is the "My Courses Plus"  B2 available?  I can't seem to find it.




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It's not in any of the building block catalogs--I'm not sure it's really an official release--but there's information about it on Santo Nucifora's (the developer) blog at  However, the version I have does not work in 9.1 SP8.


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