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Joe knupsky posted on 20 Mar 2012 3:45 PM

I have encountered several instructors who have built (several) surveys but then found they wanted complete user data and should have used a test. I can find no way to copy questions from a survey into a test or a pool so they can rebuild the survey as a test. Download upload into a pool does not work. Any suggestions?

It seems odd that you can copy test questions out to another test, survey or pool but can not do the same for a survey. Questions are questions ne?

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Hello Joe,

This came up several weeks ago on this forum. Apparently the only way to accomplish this is with Respondus. Download the Survey pool to Respondus, and then upload those questions as a test or test pool.


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Yes, the underlying problem seems to be that survey questions have no "right answer" defined, which is why they can't be imported into tests.  The best we could come up with, as David said, is to use Respondus.


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