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Julian Walton posted on 30 Oct 2011 9:15 AM

So up until very recently I have been using the Blackboard system with no issues.


My browser must have updated itself and this system is either slow to update itself or simply incompatible with the newest version of Firefox because suddenly I am getting browser issues when the Blackboard system checks.

So I tried a new browser, Internet Explorer which I had on my system but never use, and it tells me my Login information is incorrect, which doesn't make sense because that i haven't changed. When I tried to get them to send me my password, it has no record of my email address.

So yes, I am having a few dozen issues. Any help would be appreciated.


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You may need to contact the IT Help Desk at your school, to get them to looking into possible problems with your login name and password.  We at Dr.C's don't have any connection to your school, so we can't check on the status of your account.  The Help Desk should also be able to tell you which versions of Firefox and IE will be compatible with the Blackboard version that they are using at your school.


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Firefox 4.x does not work very well at all with Vista or CE so you may want to downgrade to 3.6.x if you have Firefox 4.x installed.  Also there have been some reports that Java SE 7 does not work very well either so you may want to check your java version.  You may also want to try clearing your Java cache in your Java control panel as that sometimes will fix a lot of issues. The control panel calls these Temporary Internet Files.

To see which browsers are supported for your institution's instance at

Hope this helps.


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