sign-up feature in 9.1 ?

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Tracy Pierce posted on 4 May 2011 9:12 AM

I'm searching for the equivalent to the "Sign-up" function that was available in Bboard 8 . . . we used it for incoming students to sign up for a language placement test.   Is this feature still around in 9.1 ?  Is it called something else ?

Thx for any feedback.  Tracy

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There isn't a built-in "sign-up" function in Blackboard 8 that I know of.  However, there are add-on building blocks that the system administrator can install to add a sign-up tool to the system.   Maybe that's what you were using?   If so, you'll want to ask the Blackboard administrator at your school if they can install it on the 9.1 server.


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Where would I find the sign-up tool B2?

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The one I was thinking of is on OSCELOT at   


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