Advanced System Reporting

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Lisa Stickdorn posted on 13 Apr 2011 11:29 AM

The guide states:

"It is not necessary to use Crystal Reports to run Advanced System

Reports against the statistics database. Other reporting software programs may

also be used ."

What other reporting software programs can I use?



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Hi Lisa,

There is a free building block that does reporting as well, here is some information:



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My understanding is that the Advanced System Reporting database is just a read-only database containing a subset of data from the system, so you should be able to use whatever reporting software you like that has the capability of doing SQL queries.

ASTRO, the reporting tool building block that Eric mentioned, isn't quite the same as ASR, but it''s also very good, especially if you don't want to try and set up all your own SQL queries.



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How do we query the database with our software, ie what db name, table name, credentials, etc must be used?

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Generally speaking, the database name will be either BB_BB60 for Learn systems that were upgraded from Bb 6/7/8, or BBLEARN for those that are fresh installs.  Stats information is also copied in a stripped-down version to the BB_BB60_stats/BBLEARN_stats database.  There are dozens (hundreds?) of tables, so the table names you use will depend on exactly what information you're looking for.  The table definitions are available in the OpenDB database schema available on Behind the Blackboard.  I gave you a link in the other thread that you just posted. 

Did you install Blackboard locally, or are you hosted?  If you installed it locally, all the database credentials will be what you put in when you installed the system.


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Eric, what is the name of the free building block you mention?

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Eric is talking about Project ASTRO (Advanced System Tracking and Reporting), which he was actually involved in initially developing.  More information is available at and .   However, it's not available on any of the public building block sites--you have to contact the developers--and unfortunately, there hasn't been much active development on it for the last several years as far as I know.


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