Feasibility of an RSS Feed from Blackboard to a web page

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Jessamy Gleeson posted on 29 Mar 2011 8:24 PM

Hi forum-ites!
I'm looking to build an RSS feed (or similar) that would gather information posted via Blackboard subject 'announcements' and feed them onto a single web page.
Specifically- there are 'subjects' at my university that advertise various industry placements to students. If students want to undertake a placement, they enrol in this 'subject' via Blackboard, and then receive regular updates via the 'Announcements' section as to what placements are available.
The problem is that students from one Faculty can ONLY see what placements are available in their Faculty- ie, they can't see the placements available in other Faculties because they are not enrolled in that 'subject'.
We're looking to build an RSS feed (or similar) that would take all of these 'announcements' and automatically feed and update them onto one easily accessible page for viewing by Industry reps and students. A
I'm not too familiar with Blackboard, but am happy to answer any additional questions, or provide any additional information. What I need to know is if this RSS feed is actually possible?

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Right now, there's no built-in capability for generating RSS feeds from announcements, either for a single class or for multiple classes.  That's not to say that it's not possible, but you'd probably have to develop a building block (Blackboard add-on) yourselves to do it.

The Blackboard developer's forum for folks interested in developing tools and building blocks is at, if you're interested in finding out more about developing those kinds of add-ons.



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