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Lindsay Ranger posted on 14 Feb 2011 1:53 PM

I started using the to do list in Blackboard because it would be really useful to see every time I log in. The only problem is, I can't really see it. For some reason, Blackboard cuts off half the second half of my individual list items and replaces them with ellipses. I can understand this happening if there wasn't enough space, but there clearly is. All it does is make it impossible for me to use this functionality.

I took a screenshot to show what was happening, but IDK if there's somewhere to post it. I guess it's pretty self-explanatory. I'm using a Mac 10.5.8 with Firefox. It would be great if someone could clear this up, or tell me that Windows with Internet Explorer is the only setup that works so I can go shoot myself. Thanks.

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We have phased similar problem..

The To Do module is not working . it shows 0 items although there are few assignments that needed to be submitted soon..

Also the Actions menu items are not showing at all .. it opens a blank rows with no text ..the same behaviors appears in the whats new module

We are using 9.0 service pack 5 and java 6 and IE 8 and Mozilla to access Blackboard

pleas advice

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Are you a student, an instructor, or the system administrator?  Only students in a class--not instructors or administrators--see things on the "To Do" list based on the Due Dates in Grade Center, and none of those things work if the Notification System is not turned on (under Admin Panel -> Notifications -> Notification Collection).


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