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Patricia Lipsey posted on 24 Jan 2011 5:58 PM

I use Blackboard Academic Suite.  I purchased IPAD to answer messages and reset frozen tests when away from my computer.  The messages are no problem but the gradebook will  not scroll when it loads.  Do you know of any solution to this. I don't plan to grade or open assignments, only reset frozen tests and quizzes.

Thank you so much


Patricia Lipsey

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I find that you can scroll if you use two fingers.  I've also seen where three finger scrolling works.  I don't remember which page need two and which needed three fingers to scroll.  Please give that a try and let us know how it works. 


Thanks, Glen

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You really got me excited about such a simple solution but it does not work for me.  It looks like the IPad has only loaded the part of the spreadsheet that is visible on the IPAD screen but I could be mistaken.  I though maybe the gradebook was too large, and it does occassionally crash with large gradebooks so I am working only with a couple of new classes as trials.  Do you know if there is a limit to spreadsheet sizes or some setting I should be using for uploading a gradebook spreadsheet.


Thanks for all your help. Pat

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I too am very disappointed by this problem with scrolling in the gradecenter...:-(

Like Patricia, I bought the iPad 2 so that I could do the necessaries away form home... with the iMac on my home desk....I thought the iPad would be a great transition tool....Unfortunately, my MacBook Pro is now with someone else, , and no longer have access to key features in BlackBoard while away from my home office...

PLEASE HELP!...Has anyone come up with a fix yet?


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Sorry, but Safari on the iPad simply is not a supported platform at this point.   If you could get in to view grade details for an individual user, you could use the left/right arrows at the top of the screen to scroll from user to user or column to column, but I can't get individual user grade details to open in Safari on the iPad.


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