Uploading grades in Blackboard 9.1

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Adam Hiatt posted on 8 Dec 2010 11:10 AM

I had an instructor ask some questions about grade center. She is having issues uploading grades done with grade letters. I had never done this before, so I had a test class setup with a few test users and grade columns. I downloaded the grade center, put in numeric grades, and uploaded it again. It worked fine.. I cleared the grade center, downloaded the it again, and then put letter grades in. I got an error that it was not in the correct format. So i went into the grade center entered some grades manually, changed it to a letter grade view, and downloaded it to make sure I had it in the right format. Apparently, it doesn't like lowercase letters for the grades. I fixed that, and tried to upload again. It accepted the format, but each line (except the first) gave me the following errors:

Data Preview:             Messages:

Some Invalid Data

           The following data is invalid and will not be uploaded: ,A,B,C,D

I've tried a few different changes, though there's not a lot I can change. I seems like it's putting an extra , before the first A which could be the issue, but when I look through it, I don't see any commas anywhere. I resaved the document as a tab delimited txt file, but still couldn't find any problems, and Blackboard wouldn't accept the format. What am I doing wrong? Can grades be uploaded as a letter grade instead of a numeric grade?

EDIT: I did finish the upload since it apparently liked the first line and it imported just the first line (Column of grades) just fine.

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Does anyone have any info on this one?

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How many different grade columns are you trying to update at one time?  Also, what program are you using to edit the grades, and what format are you exporting them in?

On the screen that is displayed after you upload the grades, each "line" should represent a different GC column.  At the beginning of the line, an "upload" checkbox should be displayed if Blackboard recognizes new data, and an "Uploading column" field should show what column that line corresponds to.  Are the columns being correctly recognized in the uploaded file?  That is, at the beginning of each line where you're seeing these errors, does it show the correct name of the column that you were trying to update?  What happens if you just download one column from the Grade Center, enter grades, and upload that?



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I'm trying to update several columns at once. I am editing the grades in excel usually, but have also tried in notepad. They are exported in a CSV file.

When i try to upload them, it does say the columns match, but apparently doesn't like the data. I tried just now to do a single column, but it also failed. This is a bit odd since the last time I played with this, it at least accepted the first column of the bunch.

I've provided a sample of the columns and grades as I am trying to submit them. If I replace the letter grades with numbers, it uploads just fine, but we do have some instructors that like to grade with a letter and let the system translate that. If need be, I can upload a screenshot of the errors (no student or school info is provided in them).


Last Name First Name Username asdsdasddsf|2190 lsadsdf|2033 Assignment 1|1530 quiz|1532 Assignment 2|2023 In class Assignment|2029 Assignment 3|2187 Training|2188 time test|2544 time test 2|2545 time test 3|2546 Time Test 4|2547 Time Test 5|2548
User1 Test test.user1 A A A A A A A A A A A A A
User2 Test test.user2 B B B B B B B B B B B B B
User3 Test test.user3 C C C C C C C C C C C C C
User4 Test test.user4 D D D D D D D D D D D D D
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Here is the result of some experimentation I just did with uploading "Letter" grades to the Blackboard 9.1 Grade Center:

1.  Blackboard accepts letter grades only in upper case (e.g. "A, B, C" not "a, b, c").  If the grades in the upload file are in lower case, Blackboard will reject them.

2.  When uploading Letter grades to an existing Grade Center column, the existing Grade Center column must be set to display "Letter" grades (  If you try to upload letter grades to a column which is currently set to display numbers or percentages, Blackboard will reject the letter grades and leave the grades in the column unchanged.

I hope this is helpful.



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Sorry for the delay in reply. I tried both of these options. I did an export of the grade center while it was in Letter display, added the grades in all caps (I found out  that it doesn't like the lower case) and then tried to import it again with no luck. It's been a while since I played with this and the instructor isn't too worried about it so for now, we've just let it be. I'll play with it some more when I get some time.

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