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Emmadw posted on 7 Dec 2010 1:27 PM

I've created a grading form, as I want the students to both Peer & Self Review their work.

It's not quite ideal, as the work they're doing is paper based, but I can get round it by telling them to start a discussion post & just put "my work" or similar in it - then their peer can use the grading form & the comments box etc.


But, how do I set it up so that they can self review?


(We're using WEbCT Vista 8, by the way - and also have turnitin - does that do self review better?).


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Managed it ... with a bit of a work round.

I've just created a group per student - and their own discussion boards each. Next, I created a single post - saying "My personal review" - and made that reviewable - and posted it to all the boards.

(Is there a way of copying to multiple boards?? Holding down CTRL [Windows] didn't let me select more than one item in the drop down list for copying. - or is it something I should have thought of earlier on??)

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