Requiring students to post profile pictures

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Dan Kreider posted on 28 Nov 2010 1:39 AM

Hi all,

I'm new to this, and not even sure what version of Bb I am using.  I think it's not the newest one.

I teach large classes (100+), and I always try to learn the students' names over the course of the semester.  I want to require students to upload a profile picture of themselves at the beginning of the semester.  How would I do this?

I was thinking I would have them go to Tools -> Homepage and upload a picture there.  How would I view them?  Is there a way to access the roster, or download this information to a file?



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HI Dan,

As a first step, which does not involve any of the Blackboard versions or any other LMS, is to find out what your school's privacy and security policy of requiring students to post profile pictures of themselves. At my university, to meet FOIP (the provincial version of FERPA in the States), students cannot be required to post a profile picture of themselves in Blackboard Vista's Profile/Roster feature. It has to be an "opt-in" by the student. We often suggest putting up a picture that might represent something about the student such as a picture of favourite pet or place.

To determine the version of Blackboard, if you see a graphical login/logout button near the top centre of the browser window, it is Blackboard LS "Classic" or the newer Blackboard Learn. If you see a text-based login/logout link in the upper right corner it is Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition. Specific version information for Bb LS/Learn can usually be found at the bottom of the login page, home page or announcements page (and Control Panel page in Bb LS "Classic"). For Blackboard Vista/CE, click on the "Check Browser" link and the specific version will appear in the upper right corner of the browser checker window.



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Thanks for the reply Bob.

Ok, assuming that I request (but not require) that they submit a picture....  how would I view them?



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Hi Dan,

It may be best to set this up as an assignment (using the assignment tool), whereby students submit their photo and info about themselves.  The only reason I suggest this is that the Student Homepage area (which is viewable through the Roster) doesn't allow you to batch download their submissions and also the Homepage feature goes away in Blackboard 9 because it is replaced by the "blog" tool.


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