Page CSS troubles with Internet Explorer 7/8

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Geoffrey Quinby posted on 28 Sep 2010 12:27 PM

Hi there,

I'm working on a course within my department which has requested a re-design of our current course layout using CSS. We have pre-existing HTML and CSS framework that we use, and I'm adding to it to change the way a given page (whether a course organizer page or a linked .html page) displays within the course.

However, I'm running into some difficulty with cross-browser compatibility.

Basically, the way our pages are set up, I'm adding a background color (and possibly image) to the "html" tag in the CSS, and adding margin, padding, and a very light border to the "body" tag in addition to some other changes. This enables me to have a kind of background/foreground look for the page content. In Firefox, Opera, and most other common browsers, it displays fine both in preview and in the course learning modules.

However in Internet Explorer (both 7 and 8), it fails spectacularly when I link a given document with the CSS modifications into the course. Preview is fine, but the frameset nature appears to be screwing up the separation between "html" and "body" selectors in IE, and it kind of merges the two. For instance, the border goes around the entire frame (including the scroll bar) instead of just the body content, and my margin is being either flat out ignored or placed INSIDE the border area.

I'm stumped, to be honest. Has anyone encountered a similar problem with CSS in Blackboard? We're using Vista, if I remember correctly.

I apologize for the post length, and thanks very much for any feedback

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This is most likely because Blackboard Vista triggers "quirks mode".

But if you want to post some sample page for me to try, I'll take a look in our Bb Vista 4x

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