windows Security issue with Blackboard and IE8

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miguel lopez posted on 13 Aug 2010 5:31 PM


I've come across an interesting issue, when I try to open up a document(any document but mostly word) I get prompted to enter a set of credentials from Windows Security. It wants me to enter my credentials for my schools Blackboard Vista site, I have done this and nothing seems to work. However, I can simply click on the cancel button and the document opens up. I have tried this in other browsers and this issue is only occurring when I use IE8 and Windows 7.

I know its not the Credentials Manager in Windows 7 so I figured it has to be a setting in IE8. Has anyone else encountered this issue and have you found a resolution for it?


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Hi miguel,

Yes, this is a known problem.  There's a long article about it from the administrators point of view in the support area, but the underlying problem is really a Microsoft one, and I don't really see any solution or workaround mentioned:

Persistent cookies are not shared between Internet Explorer 7 and Office applications in Windows Vista -


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