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Lisa Bryan posted on 2 Jul 2010 5:18 PM


My professor and I cannot figure out where a "SAVE DRAFT" post goes. Where do I go to retrieve my "SAVED DRAFT" so I can finish it and then post it?

Thank you,

Lisa Bryan

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Lisa - What version of Blackboard are you using? There should be a display option that you can select and choose "show drafts", "show all posts", show published etc. Show Published is the default.

hope this helps,


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Hi Paige,

Thanks so much for answering!

The professor says it's version 9 . (?)

I can't find anything , anywhere on the site that says "show drafts"...I've looked under "TOOLS", etc. and can't find a thing ! We are posting under "DISCUSSION BOARD"

Thanks again!



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Michael Zimmerman replied on 3 Jul 2010 12:34 AM


The display option Paige mentioned is a display option for the discussion board, so you go to the discussion board to set it.  Go to the forum in the discussion board where you started the draft posting, then look for "Display" on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the forum.  If you click on the downward arrows, you'll open the "Display" menu, where you can select "Show All" or "Drafts Only" to see the draft postings.


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Thanks for your help.

I had actually tired that yesterday and couldn't figure out why it only showed a message that read:

"No items found" .

I just tired it again to double check that I had done it correctly and followed your directions, and I got the same "No items found" message.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help !


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