Copying and hiding assignments in Grade Center

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Shan Tu posted on 26 Mar 2010 1:29 PM

I'm helping a teacher who is experiencing problems with the Grade Center.  He duplicated all assignments from Semester I to Semester II, but hid some of them.  Unfortunately, hiding it in "Organize Grade Center" does not hide it completely for all users.  Please help!  How can we duplicate grade items from one semester to next but hide them so students won't see all columns from previous semester?

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If you "hide" columns in the Grade Center, you are hiding them from the instructor's view in the Grade Center, not from the students' view in "My Grades".  To hide columns from the students, modify the column and change the "Show column in My Grades" setting to "No" (near the bottom, under "Options").  Columns which are not visible to students will have a grey circle icon with a red slash in the Grade Center.


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