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Hortencia Romero posted on 16 Mar 2010 11:07 AM

When I set a duration time (35 minutes), the student is able to contining taking the assessment after 35 minutes.  Why is this?


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First, we will assume since you posted in the Blackboard "WebCT" CE/Vista forum that your institution is running Blackboard Campus Edition 6-8/Vista 4-8.

In the Quiz properties, you need to set the option in the Duration section to "Disallow answer submission if time has expired."

Also, be aware that with this option, the student can still view the questions but they can't submit anymore answers. They will start getting warnings that they need to submit the quiz.

In addition, the warnings are triggered by contact with the server. If the student answers a question at 34 minutes and waits 20 minutes to answer the next question, that final question will be recorded to the server before the student starts getting the warning that they need to submit the quiz.

Hope this helps...




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