APA formatting: How do I format the date for my essay in APA style?

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makaylia Posted: 29 Nov 2009 12:00 AM
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I have never written a paper before in APA style. I did go buy the book and found it very confusing. My instructor, sorry to say has offered no help. I have also seen the new 6th ed of the APA style on a web link, and again my question are not being answered. I am desperate here. I am writing a paper (essay), I finally got that much information from the instructor but I find that most of what I am reading about APA is for term papers (which I will be doing also) and research. I am writing an essay and have to follow the APA guidlines. I bought the software and dowloaded for 35.00 called StyleEase which helps format the margins, headings, tells you where to begin typing the thesis. I cannot find how to format the date of my essay nor can I find what words in my essay are to be italicized. Please HELP!!

Thank you,
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Hi Sharon,

Ask Dr C is a user forum primarily for assisting users with using the various Blackboard systems: Blackboard Learning Systems, Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition and Blackboard Learn. Other general questions are usually outside of the forum.

Here are some other places that may help answer your questions on using the APA style. One good resources is the "OWL at Purdue" ( The American Psychological Association has a web site on APA Style ( with frequently asked questions. If you "google" the keywords "apa format", you will find several other resources on the APA style.

As to your question on dates, it depends on where your are using the date and the country or region you live in. For example, here in Canada, the more common format is "day-month-year" or "year-month-day" instead of the "month day year" format in the United States. You will need to ask your instructor what is expected on date formatting.

The use of italics or "emphasis" will depend on the purpose of the emphasis. Usually italics are used for titles of works (books, publications, music, etc) and in some types of writing to emphasize a particular point.

You may also want to see if your school has a writing lab or resource centre. Usually, the school's library services or English department can direct you to the appropriate place.


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