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GlenHarvey Posted: 31 Oct 2008 12:00 AM
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I have been trying to find a simple solution to importing questions into blackboard. I wanted to create an access database to store questions and then export the information in the format required. It is very confusing from everything I have read. Apparently you have to upload a type of zip file (unix probably) which looks like it can be created using exam view. However I want to import into examview or something else a text file which can be delimited however it needs to be. I am hoping there is a straight forward document that can give me the format I will need and the steps to do it.

I am trying to save faculty headaches by creating a turnkey solution that will allow them to create a large question back indexed by maybe ESO which can then have a query run to give the questions for the weeks lab which can then be uploaded to blackboard for student access during lab....

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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Hi Glen,

Blackboard use the QTI format. You can read about it here. Basically and XML document format for questions.

That will get you started to understand what it is. The specs are another page you can search for.

Many of us use a tool called Respondus to build banks of questions. It is really easy to use. I use it sometimes to import a written quiz created in word.

I see what you are trying to do, but realize there are a potential large # of fields in questions when you look at it.

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Hi Glen,

I'll add to Kevin's suggestions. I would also take a look at Respondus ( It supports the import of Word .docs in "Respondus Standard Format for Import" that is very similar to the layout of a traditional printed exam. (I actually created a report once in an Access database that output in Respondus Standard Format)

Respondus also supports import of CSV files, so if your question database system can export in CSV, it can be imported into Respondus for direct publishing to a Bb Vista/CE or LS "Classic" course. Finally, Respondus supports IMS QTI 1.2 import and export

Also, besides looking at IMS QTI, you may want to look at the Vista/CE APIs and SDKs for direct importing of IMS QTI files from your question database system through Vista/CE web services.

Hope this helps...


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Does the new Blackboard 9 Software support the import and export of IMS QTI? And if yes, which version of it? Or do I need extra tools such as Respondus?

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Hi Moritz,

I'll link you to Blackboard's info pages about Release 9. You'll be able to find out everything we know about it at this point.

Info page:

Upcoming free webinars:
You should be able to ask questions at the webinar, so I encourage you to enroll.

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hey bob - hope you will find this posting

i just found this as i was searching for info re. outputting ACCESS to quiz/survey format. I've built a simple (neophyte) ACCESS database (Glossary)  that i want to use as data for surveys and quizzes - do you still have your 'report' format or other info regarding how you did this?

many thanks for any info you can provide



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